Blue Penguin Montessori | Bournemouth
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Accredited early education

We provide year-round full and part-time education

The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori embarked on a career that led her to work with children excluded from the educational system, and through her observations and studies, she went on to develop a method of education which is now used throughout the world with children of all abilities, from birth to eighteen years old.

The method is based on self-directed activities, enabling the children to be independent learners and collaborative members of society. Children within a Montessori classroom are supported by trained teachers, and offered a wide range of age-appropriate, carefully designed activities both inside and outside the classroom.

About Us

Located close to Alum Chine beach, Blue Penguin is a small independent Montessori school.  We offer a homely environment to allow children to become independent and achieve their full potential.

Our accommodation includes bright and spacious classroom and safe kitchen area for the children to cook.  We have an attractive garden where the children enjoy daily outdoor activities, including imaginative play in a well-equipped wooden house, sandpit, water play and gardening.

In addition, the children have the benefit of supervised walks down to Alum Chine.

Sports & activities

This involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their coordination, control and movement.

Baby Room

This has been open since January 2009, we take children from 3 months.  Our aim is to provide a caring, stimulating and homely environment for each child.

Social education

The children are nurtured in a caring environment before being introduced to the Montessori philosophy at an appropriate time ready for the transition to the main school.

Playing games

Our aim is to provide a caring, stimulating and homely environment for each child. There is provision for sleeping and a dedicated playing area.

The gallery


Accredited education

We provide year-round full and part-time education

The Montessori Method is a progressive, child centred approach to learning.  The child is given freedom to act within a prepared and structured environment.  The directress guides and nurtures, she develops learning, rather than imposing a body of knowledge on the child.

The emphasis is on the development of the whole child so that he may reach his full potential in harmony with himself, the world he inhabits and other people in this world.  The child is treated with respect, as a developing individual and always encouraged to work at his own pace without any element of competition.

At Blue Penguin children learn to play a part in a caring community.  Our aim is that each child will develop confidence and independence and a high self esteem to enable him to enjoy the challenge of the wider world.

We offer a rich a varied curriculum, with emphasis on language development which is reinforced through a broad range of topic work, in addition to the traditional Montessori materials.  We also introduce different languages.

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